A Journey I Called Life

The stOry Of myself and pepole around me. Here, a place i want to revealed all the feeling inside..^_^


Sedang service PC ini, lame sgt da di biar macam tu aje. [spt blOg ini jg :(] Da mule tunjuk2 simpton sengal!huhuhuhu..sebelum truz xble gn, need tO rescue it! Sebab gn 2 keping HDD jadi prOses servis ini agk lame, and i end up here!^___^ CannOt imagine my day withOut diZ machine..kInda my best Fwen all d timE!^___*

Ahaks! Lupe pulak entry ari tu ade kate nk share ttg prOduk RxLite. sO far aku x pegi gym pOn [kOnun nk cOnsist!]..but i lOst 2kg nOw ^__^..kalau tgk mmg xdek perubahan fizikal, cm badan terase agk ringan, mgkn sebab aku da x sumbat my stOmach dgn macam2 mende..Bile minum prOduk ni, rase kenyang dan keinginan utk menguyah yg xpatut tu dpt di kurangkan. Gud news, right?! Rs nye thn nie aku br sekali je pg KFC, tu pun cm mkn nugget, pizza pun xpg lagi [i was maniac Of spaghetti!] tp skrng tdk lagi! sebab kalau dulu, bOring2 aku trn aje rmh trz tapau spaghetti! [ since, pizza hut is really near me, i can smell arOma!] huhuhuhu..Sebab aku xtau bile plak nk mule pg gym, aku kn btOl2 kawal mkn..but i give my self rest a liltle On Sunday..^_^..makan tgh hr bersame keluarga sumtim yang xble nk tOlak!^__^

Oke, enOugh abOut slimming things! Last Sunday was my umi b-day..she's 50 already..setengah abad?wahhh...big number! Disebab kan Company+ hOuse accOunt xberape stabil..aku cm tempah cuppies je utk umi dan carpet buluh [beli kat Nilai 3 *sgt murah] sbg gift. Sebenarnye aku rancang nk buat meriah sket, but our payment msh belum dpt, jd bt kecik aje la..but im glad she's hepi..im hOping the best fOr her..umi, luv u sO much!!^v^

Last weekend is a lil tired fOr me! i'll be unOfficial Wed planner fOr my cazen wed On 6 jun 2010. Why?i dun nOe..tau2 aje aku da involve. but strangely, i lOve it! It's like i want the best fOr them[thO i knOw there is nOthing perfect!^_^] sO aku tlng dOrng dr bab duit smpi la bab persediaan. Tugas aku :
a - budget duit [harus divide dt utk majlis dn life after married].
b - teman tgk bj+ pelamin+hantaran++++++++ [hrs bagi pendapat]
c - everything dat possibly need fOr wed ceremony!

Dan skunk aku tumpang headache mereka!huhuhu..but the mOst imPortantly i want the weeding tO be like their weeding dream, sO tugas aku bukan memilih..tapi bagi pilihan!^_^ But this is a big challenge tO me! Since my cazen nk kan majlis yang serdahan tapi meriah dn akn tggl kn memori yang terindah utk mereka..^___^

i think i shOuld dO a list tOo right? [a reminder list fOr me..supaye x tertinggal ape2, hOpefully!] 40% of preparation is dOne..^_* myb agk awl..but since they already have the mOney, jd jgn tggu lame2..sbb aku tau mst dt tu akn ilang sket2! Dats y they need me!huhuhuhu..:P

Mule2 aku x terfikir pOn nk invOlve..sbb aku rs sume Org ade selera sendiri..but after being asking a few time [hOw cOuld i resist? After all she's my cazen] n i dO diz, wit all my heart! Otherwise i lOst nOthing but gain much mOre things!
A lil backgrOund Of bride n groom tO be :

Bride - 23 years Old [ yOungest child Of my untie*my father's sister*, we are clOse n share everythings!^__^

Groom - 26 years old [ me n him was in the same kindergarden back at 1990!huhuhu...alsO he was a close fwen of my bro..sO we knew each other quite sOme time..^_^

Jadi di sebab kan bOnd tu mmg da ade also we're share d same interest..x ssh nk bt keputasan dlm memilih sesuatu. More entry abOut thier preparation will be in after this! As lOng i was involve, i will share the mOmento here!