A Journey I Called Life

The stOry Of myself and pepole around me. Here, a place i want to revealed all the feeling inside..^_^

3 Days BefOre 2010

It's been a while aku x text ape2 entry...uhhh...nak kate bz tu x la jgk..emOsi kuren stabil kOt!huhuhuhu..lagipun lately aku bz ke gym..kunun nye nk lOst weight!~_~...azam 2010 la agaknye nie..tapi ari nie da x pg..im not feeling weLL..esOk mst pg! Nk bukti pada diri sendiri..i can have my Old bOdy! uhhh...kegemukkan skrng amat menyakitkan hati!
WeLL..3 days left..and then ANNYONG 2009! A year past..tapi rase nye xdek ape2 big achievement ..living an Ordinary day n thankfull being health sepanjang tahun..allhamdullilah..^_^
The last 2 days..261209..i made a prOmise tO myself..hOpefully aku dapat keep my prOmise tu..i want tO mOve fOward..nO mOre lOoking back..and...whatever!~_~

It's My 25th Besday..^_*

Ape yang menarik?~_~...bertambah lagi usia ku , nOw im in my mid 20's! 5 years to gO befOre hit 30's!arhh..One Of scariest number! But im cOol with it!..It's a number yang akn bertambah setiap tahun, bersyukur sangat sebab x stOp cOunting!^_*
And tO thOse whO wishing my birtday..thanx a lOt buddies!..May ur life being bless tOoo!^_^..
Going tO mentakab utk makan Mcd bersame my BFF tOt..die bwk cup cake yang cOmel + sweet frOm langkawi 4 my birtday [ time kasih wOk ye]. It's wOnderful tO have a friend when you don't have a bf arOund yOu On ur birthday! Im just used tO this kind Of emptiness..im dOin great!muehehehhe..
But kinda disappointed..aku tunggu sum1 wish my besday..but i don't get even a sms..:(..
uhhh.. whatever!
Overall..i'm glad tO be health n be with my precious family..untuk tahun2 yang akn datang aku harap hidup aku bertambah success!^_^...insyaallah..

2nd day On DEC

Only 29 days left..n then Gudbye 2009!annyOng!..my upcOming besday..lagi 3 hari..im turn exacly 25!huhuhuhu..ni la untungnye lahir hujung tahun, still when 2010 umur ku 25. Mane kawan2 yang lahir thn1984 on Januari..hepi 26th besday in advance!O.o
aLmost 3 in the mOrning..kinda sleepy, tapi still facing on this mOnitOr..~_~..im thinking Of..ninja assassin n twilight new mOOn! The most movie i have tO watch before 2010! Movie nie da release a few days..hangat diperkatakan skrng..rase mcm nak ke Kuantan aje esOk!huhuhuhu..hOpefully my LiL tOwn nie akn ade cinEma..ASAP!
But still have work yang aku kn settle kan..which is more important. Finish the wOrk 1st..n i wont buy a DVD for this mOvies..i have tO watch them On big screen! but fOr nOw..kena tdO dulu, if nOt xsiap lagi la keje ku esOk!gud nite everyOne!^_^