A Journey I Called Life

The stOry Of myself and pepole around me. Here, a place i want to revealed all the feeling inside..^_^

Bleach Maniac~~


Maniac??!izzit?Might be, desire to watch this anime turn to addiction!huhuhu..but me already da habiskan season 1 until 14 [season 1 was air on Oct 2004 n season 14 end on April 2010, 6 years anime n i get to finish them in 2 month!^_^,] n now i called it quit for a while..currently season 15 still belum end, so i just wait until the season wrapping n watch it without. I wonder how many gal out there interested on anime especially when u already on ur middle 20's?mueheheh!!!^__^

Okeh..enough of anime..so suddenly rase rindu pd blog nih..^v^, well, so far everything just fine, even sumtime things change but life just go on..This weekend my BFF will get married..an advance congratulation to Miss Rabitah Hanim [soon will be Mrs!]Sadly..:(.. xdpt nk attend majlis die since on the same date my cazen also nk kawen.

Ahaks! my previous post me ade story sedikit pasal my BTB cazen, ite?so far a, everything goes like planned, cm ade la satu dua pekare yang xsame mcm plan..but it's common bcoz there is nothing perfect!^__^

Me myb heading to BTB house this coming Thursday..so it's present hunting time!!i like!!i have sumtin in mind..tp x tau la dapat ke x nk cari yang berkenan..uhhh..tomorrow will be bz for me!tp ape nk kc xble reveal, mahu keep it secret!hihihihi..n now i need to sleep its 3 min before 5 am! wonder what time i will get up tomorrow![luckily i got permission not to go working last week n this week!]LOVE IT!+_+


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